Sunday, July 17, 2011

Monoprint Madness!

I learned a new process of creating art a few months ago, and the product here is called the "Monoprint". Essentially, you roll a coat of black screenprint ink on a piece of plexiglass, and then scratch away with the instrument of choice. On these, I used a BBQ skewer, some cotton balls and a few other random kitchen tools. It is an immediate process that must be completed very quickly (in my case about 10 min. each). Once you have taken away the ink in the chosen areas, you place a wet piece of watercolor paper on the inked glass and burnish. Peel away the paper and then you have a mirror image of what you just created with the tools. After that, wait a few days to dry and then color in with watercolor. The paint does not stick to where the ink is still on the paper. A fun, fast process for sure!

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