Saturday, January 3, 2015

Moon Travel? I'm still waiting...

As a child, I grew up in a great time to believe that there was "more out there" that just the place I stood. The space program was well into play, and the USA led the way! Science fiction really blew up in the late 70's and I was wrapped up in the hype that told that "Yes, you can go to places that've never before explored". Well yea.... I grew up and realized there wouldn't be moving sidewalks, flying cars, or any kind of interstellar shenanigans for me to have. Well, I've been sitting on those disappointments for years now, and I felt a need to bring awareness to these serious issues.  I started to create some "Spacation" illustrations not only to better deal with my disappointments, but to also remind society that this could be the next big thing if a bazillion dollars comes dropping out of the sky. I studied many references of the elegant early 20th century travel posters, and looked at my many books of old science fiction toys and paraphernalia and went to town.

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