Friday, January 2, 2015

Watercolor robot

 Autophagy Robot 9 x 9 watercolor on paper

Very occasionally I'll do a watercolor painting just to keep my chops up. Watercolor was my first color medium and I learned quite a bit from it and have parlayed that into my acrylic work. This will be for the cover of Autophagy magazine, a science journal for the University of Michigan. A patron of mine is a professor and we've been working quite a bit to collaborate microbiology and art to better illustrate these 'invisible" processes. In this piece, I tried to illustrate the "the building of " a human cell. The robot assembles various parts of a cell (labeled behind him) into a sphere (a cell). I wanted to give a retro future vibe to it, so I made the robot look like he was from the 1950's. I got my reference from my books of 50's cars, household appliances and toys, and jumbled it all up!

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