Wednesday, May 2, 2007

After Midnight Craziness at the Zoo

Here is a fun piece I created as an exercise to see how many animals I could pack into one frame. I always wondered what happens after all us gawkers leave the zoo. There is probably things we don't want to know.....hmm. Anyway, it was also an exercise to practice painting things underwater. I have some plans to paint more underwater stuff soon and wanted to get a "heads up" before I go apaintin'. Cheers!

The Funniest Batman Ever -Adam West!

A true hero of mine during my upbringing in front of the television, the debonair Mr Adam West. Unmistakably the coolest super hero depiction ever. If you haven't checked out the groovy 1967 feature film "Batman", run out and get the DVD. I was watching it while painting this and couldn't stop laughing. It's the best 10 bucks you'll spend. Way cool behind the scenes commentary that reveals the craziness these guys lived through.Bats and Robin had it pretty good- they were HUGE stars for a few years there. . Ahhhhh, the past; how fun it looks in the rear view mirrror.