Friday, December 17, 2010

Vinyl Toys Made In Detroit

Here is my stab at painting some 3-d Goodies. I love the vinyl painting scene so much and I've noticed it really tends to bring out the talents of 2-d painters a heck of a lot. So I decided to give it a stab too! These little people are all roughly about 4'' tall.

I think you'll notice somebody in there that looks a bit like me....hmmm.. but which one........

P-40 vs. the Future

12'' x 24'' acrylic on canvas
This painting has been in my head for about a year and I finally got around to placing on canvas. I have always been fascinated by the P-40 Mustang. I still can remember in 2nd grade being obsessed with those planes, and here I am 30 years later, still obsessed. So here is my take on the actions over the Pacific Ocean during the mid-forties. Cheers!

Madagascar mural

I just finished a great Madagascar mural last month and had a blast with it. It warapped around the whole room so no matter where you were there was somebody lookin' at ya - very cool! The characters range from 9'' tall to 7 feet tall. It took about a week to complete, and I couldn't stop smiling the whole time. My client was so great to work for and let me do my thing without any hassles. I wish all my clients were this good.
Alex the Lion

Thursday, May 13, 2010

What have we become, asks the Sock Monkey?

Here he sits, the Great and Powerful Sock Monkey of Higher Reasoning, looking at what our species has become as of late. Pleased, or horrified at our progress (or lack thereof)? Well, I guess that depends on what angle you are coming from. Point of views on that subject are quite readily available these days. In fact, thats all we have in media these days are opinions- corporate backed opinions that is. Everybody's talking, but not saying a thing, Blah, blah, blah, la-tee-da. Peace Out.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Batman sculpture

This is a sculpture I painted recently of everyones' favorite smiling superhero The Batman. It is approximately 6'' tall and was sculpted by Gabriel Vinas, a very talented young up and coming artist. I think he really captured the illusive essence of the man who is the Bat. I was inspired by his work and had much fun with this project. I hope to do more of this kind of 3d painting in the future.