Sunday, July 15, 2018

Print Order Sheet

Here is the new and updated print list for 2018. Just email me at along with your phone number. I will call you to discuss the order and take credit info over the phone. Prints are shipped immediately and usually postage is about 4- 6 dollars in addition to prints. I have the available sizes, 11x 14, 10x 20, and 5x 7, and have various matte colors to choose from.

Space Corp

Did I hear a certain world leader claim he needs a " Space Force" to protect us from ????? Well, I know a guy who thought of that before him.... 16 x 20 acrylic-  prints available

Happy Robot

A walk through a field of flowers would brighten anyone's day, even if you aren't human! 16 x 20 acrylic- prints available

Have box, will travel!

Channeling by childhood, I remembered what it was like when we got new appliances, and then finding the giant empty boxes lying around the house. I quite often made some new and interesting products from those boxes and used my imagination to bring them "to life". 16 x 20 acrylic

Pew Pew Pew

If you have been a boy, or have a young son or grandson, this painting needs no explanation at all. 10 x 20 acrylic prints available

A Walk in the Woods

What boy hasn't walked through the woods, either looking for Bigfoot, or talking to Bigfoot as a cohort along the way to keep you company? 16 x 20 acrylic

Pathway to Success

Here is a rare digital piece I completed several years ago as a point of motivation for my students. Many people (myself included) have issues seeing the entire process of being successful, and get stuck on some of the lower points of the process. I created this piece as a visual of all the steps of the process to remind and motivate those who see it to overcome and continue to the end! Prints available 11 x 17

Down on the Farm

Again, looking to the future, I see a world where we create robots to perform tasks that we no longer want to do. I think eventually farming may continue to be automated to a point where we no longer have much active participation in. Let's wait and see...

Girls of Science

As a parent, I have witnessed the stress of kids having to come up with great science fair projects firsthand. This painting was the first vision I had in my head when my daughter asked for help on her presentation. Sadly, we didn't quite get this result, but maybe next year!

Robot Baseball

As I look to the future, I imagine a world where we switch from watching humans play sports to robots. Why, you ask? Well, rising player salaries, robots are faster, stronger, and smarter than us. Plus the look pretty cool too!

Octopuses Zen Garden

"I'd like to be, under the Sea, in an Octopuses Garden by the sea", were the lyrics by the Beatles. Throughout my life, these words have made it around my head quite a bit, and I started conjuring a picture. Here you have the results of that vision- Thanks Ringo!!

NewPostcard/ Print Sheet

Here dis may new postcard for 2018, and has my best selling prints featured on it. It will be my placeholder for print orders, until I get the new sheet uploaded. Feel free to email me with orders or questions about prints. I ship the same day, and I take all cards over the phone. I also give quantity discounts!

Tiny Aliens

So what if looking to the skies doesn't work to find otherworldly friends? I think if we look within some of natures creatures, we could find things too...

Space Cadet

16 x 20 acrylic- 11 x 14, 5x 7 prints available

Autonomous Birds

These paintings reflect my feelings on how we are treating our environment, and what the ramifications of these actions are. I looked into the future to assume that we may want to use technology to reclaim some of nature's beauty and function of earth's creatures.