Monday, March 23, 2009

Zuzatz painted legs

I was commisioned by the Zuzatz company who are launching their new line of sandals with interchangable straps. They are a local Detroit company who had their launch at the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design in Detroit this past Friday. The show was a great sucess and a lot of fun too. I painted two pair of legs to match the sandals I was given. The theme of the first was a nautical theme, and the second was nightlife. Click on the images and check the detail. It was quite a challenge to paint on a 3-d object, especially a pair of legs, but the customer was very happy and I was too- Thanks again Zuzatz.

custom painted toys

I am beginning to delve into the 3-D world of painting toys. I picked up some blanks at San Diego Comic Con last year and just started to paint them. This first one is for my cousin Josh who lives out in LA and is doing much work behind the scenes in the TV world. This piece was to warn him of the dangers of going in the big blue Pacific on his days off. Good luck, Cuz.