Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Alexandra and the Amazing History Book

Ladies and Gents, the book is out!!! Thats right, the first book I've illustrated for someone else and just been issued. There was a big launch party for "Alexandra and the Amazing History Book" and the authors home.  It was a great night and this is a photo of the awesome cake. It was massive and tasted just as good as it looked. It is strange to see your artwork done by others and then getting to eat it after appreciating it, now THAT doesn't happen every day.
Anyway enough about the cake. The book features over 20 paintings I did and is the story of a magical history book that transports Alexandra through time for quite an adventure. I had to do much homework to get all the period costumes right, but it was well worth it. For more info on the book or to get a copy write the author at

American Gothic 3000

So I was looking at the classic "American Gothic"and had to laugh at how funny the couple in the painting looks. They just seem so right for each other and you can tell so much about them by just looking at them. Of course, I had to give a whack at making my version of this awesome painting. Yeah, Robots and monkeys, I guess I'm forever attached to the robots and monkeys. Not a bad thing tho, I'm just sayin'.