Friday, August 22, 2008

Artistic Murals

Here is a small snapshot of my mural business "Artistic Murals". This particular client wanted a Finding Nemo mural in a babys nursery and was really great with letting me have a great amount of creativity in the layout which really helps the final product. I also attached a few step by step process pictures to see how I paint each piece of the puzzle. Please click to enlarge any of the photos.

Its raining Cats and Dogs

In the continual search for artistic items that would appeal to the common man, and more importantly BUY, I thought of something most of us Americans have in common is our Children and our pets. So for an upcoming art show I'm in, I decided to do some watercolor sketches of some of furry friends, and here they are. If you see what you like, drop me an email at and I can paint a pic of your animal 5'' x 7'' for the low low price of $20.00.