Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fine Art Festivals I'll be at the rest of Summer

Just for your information, I am going to be in several more Fine Art shows this summer if you are in the Detroit area you can come by, say hi, and maybe get something free for stopping by- thats right, I said FREE. I am in the Brighton Fine Art Festival on Aug. 8-9th hours are 10-6. I'm at the uber-cool Funky Ferndale festival Sept. 19 and 20th. I'll also be in the Birmingham Fine Arts Festival on Sept. 27 and 28th. Probably have a few more too over the fall but don't have solid dates on that yet. Here is a link to a ultra-cool video that was shot at a show I was in last month called the Shadow Art Fair. Check it out !!

Sock Monkeys in Space

So I'm sure all of you know that monkeys were the first ones in space, so this is my warped perception of what that might have looked like if they truly had their way up there in the big blue!