Monday, July 23, 2007

Angry Batman - Grrrrrrrrrr

Now here's a guy that always makes me smile. What a sunny disposition with him, and with some pretty cool toys as well. I was thinking this painting is his reaction to Robin dingin' up the Batmobile or forgetting to do his homework or something very teenagery. Yikes, not the best father figure, but a pretty cool pad indeed.

"Naughty Spawn, You face The Tick!"

If you have no idea whose these people are or what the hell they do, you seriously need to educate yourself about the Tick. He is the funniest, ironic, iconic, supersonic, giantest blue guy ever. Check him out on YouTube right now - I'm tellin you, you owe it to yourself. He has quite possibly the best theme song ever too. SPOON! (that's his hero call)

SpongeBob Superpants

Face it, everyone's favorite late night channel flippin landing place is Nickelodeon. Lucky for me they are lookin for some people to paint them some good stuff. Hopefully I can get some attention from them at Comic-Con this week. I painted them some samples to drool over. These characters are much fun to paint, you really cannot be in a bad mood while painting them. In fact, I can't get the grin off my face at all - time to paint Batman, can't smile with him.

30 Years of "The Star Wars"

Yep, you guessed it... I'm one of those guys that has that certain sumpthin' for those funny little movies. Seen them a few times, bought some toys, etc. I hear they are celebrating 30 years this year - man, I'm getting old. Anyway, I've managed to paint a little tribute here from the first movie and of course everyone's little green friend. Enjoy!